Meet Our Partners

The University of Washington’s School of Social Work acts as the lead partner for coordinating and providing support services to the partnership, and oversees services to Region 2 of the Alliance. As one the nation’s top-ranked schools of social work, the School offers outstanding academic programs, innovative research and a wide array of service opportunities that help students and career professionals improve their expertise, hone their investigative skills, and foster their ability to lead and serve in a multicultural world.

Focused on training and professional development in Region 1, which encompasses the eastern side of the state, Eastern Washington University’s School of Social Work serves a diverse population and excels in the preparation and advanced training of professional social work practitioners.  EWU brings a high level of familiarity and expertise to regional concerns that affect social work practices, including issues important to rural, multicultural and tribal communities.

The University of Washington Tacoma’s Social Work Program provides academic and professional development and training for Region 3, which serves south Puget Sound. The faculty conducts collaborative research with partners in the community, including child welfare experts. The campus is close to many public child welfare employees, and faculty and staff provide exceptional educational and training opportunities targeted to the region and its diverse cultures. With such strong community ties, alumni often stay in the area, continuing to serve the public child welfare needs of south Puget Sound.

Children’s Administration, part of the state’s Department of Social and Health Services, has 46 field offices that provide services to children and families. Its staff is dedicated to reducing the risk of abuse, finding safe alternatives to out-of-home placement and ensuring the safety and permanency of children in care. During an average month, CA serves about 10,000 children and about 7,800 families. The Alliance partnership enables CA to use its staff, expertise and broad regional network to build and deliver a comprehensive continuum of education and training statewide.

Supported by the UW’s School of Social Work, Partners for Our Children focuses on discovering innovative social work solutions to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families. As part of the Alliance, POC integrates research and evaluation components—a first in the nation—to help guide curriculum development and pinpoint the effectiveness of training in delivering positive outcomes. This unique approach allows current research results and best practice information to be communicated consistently and effectively to child welfare staff throughout the state.