Right Response® - Level 4

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The RIGHT RESPONSE®  Workshop is primarily prevention training. The Advanced Level 4 training is a full 14-hour certification which provides the skills of Prevention, De-escalation, Postvention and Physical Interventions, including Escorts and Therapeutic Holds. Attendees learn to use physical intervention as the last resort to maintaining safety and learn more proactive alternatives which can prevent dangerous incidents and increase safety.
Attendees that complete the workshop receive a 1 year certification and recertification training will be offered annually.
Since 1993, Service Alternatives has been researching and developing best practices in the management of behavior and aggression problems in families, schools, group homes, hospitals, camps, detention centers and beyond.  Together, the staff team at Service Alternatives Training Institute has more than 200 years of experience within the company.    
Completion of Right Response®  levels 1-3 is not required. Right Response® level 4 is a stand-alone training with no pre-requisites.
Workers need regional approval to register for Right Response® Level 4 training. Please connect with your AA, Deputy RA, or RA to confirm you may enroll in this course.

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Social Workers, Supervisors, Area Administrators

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There are no trainings scheduled for this course.

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In the LMS, search for the course by typing (or copying) the full course name below. Click the Scheduled Classes button. Select the class that is best for you and follow the LMS registration instructions.
DCYF Alliance Right Response (Level 4)

Tribal Workers, CWTAP Students, and new DCYF hires who don't have LMS access: Please register using this form https://allianceforchildwelfare.org/rct-registration-cwtap-students-and-tribal-workers

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