Managing Parent-Child Visitation when Domestic Violence is a Concern

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Upon completion of this course, participants will understand the primary threats to child, parent, and other adult’s safety from Domestic Violence (DV) that may occur before, during, or after parent-child visits, and will gain skills in implementing appropriate visitation plans, including identifying and preparing a visit supervisor and determining location and time.  Participants will learn and practice basic skills for intervention before, during, or after the visit.  The training provides principles for documentation of visits when DV is a concern, and addresses when and how to make recommendations to the court regarding modifications to parent-child visitation when safety issues related to the DV are present.  Lastly, participants will consider how and why to receive support regarding issues of concern regarding visitation in these cases, and have a chance to explore “theory vs reality” and to discuss current and former cases where the presence of DV significantly complicated parent-child visitation.

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Regional Core Training
Domestic Violence in Child Welfare


Social Workers, Supervisors

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Social Service Specialists who coordinate visitation plans for children and their supervisors

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Basics of Domestice Violence in Child Welfare (e-Learning)Teaming for Parent-Child Visitation

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DCYF Alliance Managing Parent-Child Visitation when Domestic Violence is a Concern

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