Youth Missing From Care (eLearning for Caregivers)

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This 1 hour in-service eLearning is designed to provide caregivers with the information needed to identify, support, and intervene with youth who are living in care and are at risk of running away. Caregivers will learn the characteristics associated with youth who are at risk for running away, and key strategies to reduce the likelihood of them running. Legal and procedural requirements are presented so caregivers can successfully partner with Social Service Specialists and understand what steps to take when a youth is missing from care, and when they return. Caregivers will learn how to participate with youth and Social Service Specialists in the development of a Run Prevention Plan for youth identified as being at risk of running, and a Returning Child De-briefing to assess the youth's immediate needs upon their return to care.

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Audience Description

Caregivers, foster parents, adoptive parents, and relative caregivers.

Registration Instructions

Click HERE to launch this eLearning.  At the end of the eLearning you will be able to print a Certificate of Completion for your records and/or to email to your licensor.