NCAST Certification – Teaching Scales

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The NCAST Teaching Scales are designed for parents/caregivers and children age birth-36 months, or 3 years. The Teaching Scales are an assessment tool which provides valid and reliable measurements of parent-child interactions. Participants in this NCAST certification course will learn about Keys to Caregiving, infant cues, and specific behaviors pertaining to early childhood development and relationships when assessing a parent-child dyad during a teaching interaction. In addition, participants will learn about special considerations when conducting NCAST assessments in child welfare. Participants will observe videos and practice scoring teaching interactions. Participants will learn how to use NCAST Teaching Scales as a tool to gather pertinent information about the parent-child dyad; assessment of parent-child interactions; and intervening with parents and children. All participants will attempt reliability to become certified to use the NCAST teaching scales for one year.

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Regional Core Training or Supervisor Core Training


Social Workers, Supervisors

Audience Description

This focus level course is designed for Social Workers and Supervisors who have a desire to become certified reliable in NCAST Teaching Scales in order to complete NCAST teaching interaction assessments internally for peers and other Social Workers.

Dates and Locations

There are no trainings scheduled for this course.

Special Instructions

Following successful completion of this 25-hour focus level course, Children’s Administration social workers will become certified in the NCAST teaching scales and will be able to accept referrals internally and complete assessments for peers. Note: you must obtain Supervisor permission prior to registration in this course.

Registration Instructions

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DCYF Alliance NCAST Certification – Teaching Scales

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